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Taurus, the bull, is the great stabilizer of the zodiac. Taurus individuals are down to earth, practical, methodical, have epicurean tastes, finely tuned senses, and an eye for beauty, but they can also be painfully intransigent. However, they're usually kind, gentle, hardworking souls who are loyal, steadfast and although known to be somewhat frugal, they will generously lend a helping hand to family, friends, or even strangers.

Born between April 20th and May 20th (approximately), Taurus can be very stubborn in their perspective about life. They are physically strong, mentally tough, and connoisseurs when it comes to the finer things in life. They have superb taste in clothes and almost everything else. Bulls also have a talent for making and managing money and are known for surrounding themselves with the best money can buy.

Generally good-natured, they can be very impatient and will snort and stamp if kept waiting. If Taurus feels strongly enough that you're wrong or just don't have all the facts, they'll let you know in no uncertain terms and have little regard for your feelings. Taurus is fixed Earth, this leads to most of a Taurus individual's key personality traits.

Source: Horoscopes.LoveToKnow.com