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Ross Poldark, fictional character, the patriarch of the Poldark dynasty in a series of historical novels by Winston Graham. Poldark is an army captain and member of the landed gentry of Cornwall in the late 18th and early 19th centuries. Heroic and temperamental, he struggles to make his tin and copper mines profitable. 

Ross's dogged belief in justice and morality puts him at odds with the class into which he was born and, as a champion of the common people, threatens to become his undoing.

Aidan Turner on Ross

"It's an incredibly hard time for Ross having trouble with his company. However, Ross is always on the front foot, he's not somebody who gets too down on things. It is a dark time but he has gone through worse in the past and is someone who tends to thrive in the dark period of his life. He tries to stay positive and keeps trying to reinvent his business and opening new mines, taking on new men even though he can't afford it. Ross doesn't want anyone to feel pity for him which is noble in many ways but he is emotionally inarticulate and if he learned to free that up it would make life for him and those around him a little bit easier."

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