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During the early 90's, Rata Blanca found a disproportionate and unattainable success. I think very few people really appreciated the impressive phenomenon that Rata meant and means not just in our country, but also in every territory where they bring the Argentinian flag. Their humility and overwhelming music showed that the Argentinian rock has no reason to envy english-speaking rock.” Mario Pergolini.

Rata Blanca is an Argentinian heavy metal band founded in Buenos Aires in 1985 by guitarist Walter Giardino and drummer Gustavo Rowek. The current line up includes Giardino, Adrián Barilari on vocals, Guillermo Sánchez on bass, Danilo Moschen on keyboards and Fernando Scarcella on drums. Rata Blanca is considered one of the most important heavy metal bands in both the Argentinian and Latin American scene.

Two of their studio albums, “Magos, Espadas y Rosas” and “El Camino del Fuego” have been included on the top 250 top Latin American rock albums, at #42 and #16 respectively. The song “Mujer Amante” from their second album has been voted the 52nd best Latin American rock song of all times according to Soy Rock website. Not a month after its release, their ninth studio album, “El Reino Olvidado” charted at #2 at the nationwide.

The band's third album, “Guerrero del Arco Iris”, was presented with a show at the Vélez Sarfield stadium in Buenos Aires, with Rata Blanca being the first and only Argentinian band to have a sold-out stadium show with their third album.

In December 2009, Argentina's popular radio show “Cuál Es?” conducted a nationwide poll to pick the best 250 songs in the history of the country's rock. In said poll, Rata Blanca's epic song “La Leyenda del Hada y el Mago” reached #3. Even twenty years after its initial release, the song still keeps the band as one of the most emblematic ones, as well as it establishes itself as an anthem of Argentina's rock.

Up until today, the band has been awarded with six golden records and a platinum one making them the most successful Argentinian band of all time. “Magos, Espadas y Rosas” has sold five million records worldwide, which opened the band's door for international fame.


Rata Blanca (1988).

Magos, espadas y rosas (1990).

Guerrero del arco iris (1991).

El libro oculto, (1993).

Entre el cielo y el infierno (1994).

En Vivo en Buenos Aires, (1996).

Rata Blanca VII (1997).

El camino del fuego (2002).

Poder Vivo, (2003).

La llave de la puerta secreta (2005).

El reino olvidado (2008).

The Forgotten Kingdom (2009).

Source: Wikipedia. Translation: Nadia.