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"My name's Max because the hospital wouldn't let my mother name me Oops."

Max Black is a main character of the show 2 Broke Girls. She lives with her best friend Caroline and they both work at the Williamsburg Diner. She is played by Kat Dennings.

Max is the opposite of Caroline: She is sarcastic, street smart, feisty and comes from a poor background and broken home. Having been a waitress for almost her entire life, she has had to fend for herself. This has led her to become slightly bitter, but she tries to hide it with her sarcasm as her emotional shield.

After Caroline finds out about her talents at baking cupcakes, she hatches a plan to start a cupcake business with Max, with her as the baker and Caroline as the business head, but they find that they will first need $250,000, to pay for property, permits, and equipment.

Despite her poor background and apparent no-care attitude, she has attended college, but she had to take out student loans to attend. She majored in art.

Max is of average height with long, curly brunette hair and green eyes. She's busty, which, as well as most other characters, she likes to point out during the series. She is mostly seen wearing her work uniform, but whenever not in work uniform, she wears clothes bought from Goodwill. She is seen wearing the same things in most episodes.

It is shown throughout the series that Max is extremely sarcastic, she constantly makes jokes and regularly insults and offends people without much thought. She then incorporates it into her cupcake making, selling cupcakes that has insults on them. She also claims to be good at manipulating people and is notorious for being habitually rude towards the customers in the diner, especially if the customers are proving to be annoying. She is often seen chewing gum. 

Source: 2 Broke Girls Wikia