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…to Into A Dream, my Fanlisting Collective. By taking a look around you will not only find the fanlistings that own, but you will also get to know a little more about me by checking out all the fanlistings I have joined over the years. Feel free to look around and if you have any questions/ comments, email me.


Into a Dream is home to 117 fanlistings, with 2 upcoming and 0 pending ones. There are a total of 1143 fans and 2 pending approval. I have joined 1517 fanlistings. The collective currently has 2 affiliates.


September, 26th: you can now join Elders, the fanlisting for the Mayan Civilization.

September 23rd: Mexicas, the fanlisting for the Aztec Empire, is now open for business!

August, 31st: application to build the AC/DC fanlisting sent.

August, 20th: applications for the Mayan, Aztec and Incan civilzations sent.

February, 1st: Love Through Time, the fanlisting forRomance: Historical is now open.

January, 26th: you can now join Love, the fanlisting for Romance novels.

January, 3rd: applicatins for the Romance and Romance: Historical fanlistings sent.


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