About Edguy

More than two million discs sold, sold out concerts in more than 37 countries across America, Australia, Asia, and Europe, extensive tours with aristocratic fellow rockers such as Aerosmith and the Scorpions - and now they are back with their 9th studio album. Certainly not a bad introduction, is it?

But what is most spectacular about Edguy’s exemplary career is a seldomly mentioned detail - Even though it may seem like it, we are not talking about an act that was pushed onto the market with heavy marketing. We are talking about kids that started a band together when they were all classmates in 1992 and who set out to conquer the world and to play concert halls around the globe. For almost ten years they set up their gear themselves in small European clubs between Berlin and Torino, traveling around in a mobile home to fight for the breakthrough that they so desperately desired. That breakthrough has certainly been achieved as today Edguy are doubtlessly the most successful Heavy Metal export that started out in Germany after the glorious decade of the eighties.

Even the masterminds of the German rock legend “Scorpions” call Edguy their legit heir to the throne and invited Edguy to be their special guest during the Scorps‘ farewell arena tour.

Despite having repeatedly conquered the international charts, Edguy are actually still underrated in their home country. But it only takes a brief look at the solo project of their front man Tobias Sammet to understand the status of Edguy and their vocalist in the international Rock and Heavy Metal scene. Legendary guests such as shock rocker Alice Cooper, Klaus Meine and several other members of bands such as the Scorpions, Kiss or Judas Priest committed themselves to collaborations for the “Avantasia” project of the 33-year old Hessian.

It may be hard to imagine in today‘s fast moving music business, but three out of the four fellows who founded the band in February 1992 at the age of 14, are still traveling around the globe together year after year: Sammet and the two guitarists Jens Ludwig and Dirk Sauer. In 1997 the current line-up was completed by adding Felix Bohnke on drums and Tobias “Eggi” Exxel on bass.


"Kingdom of Madness" - 1995

"Vain Glory Opera" - 1998

"Theater of Salvation" - 1999

"The Savage Poetry" - 2000

"Mandrake" - 2001

"Hellfire Club" - 2004

"Rocket Ride" - 2006

"Tinnitus Sanctus" - 2008

"Age of the Joker" - 2011

Source: Edguy.net