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"I only have what I could grab and I grabbed all the wrong things."

Caroline Wesbox Channing, portrayed by Beth Behrs, is one of the two main characters of 2 Broke Girls, along with her friend Max Black.

Caroline is the opposite of Max, she's sophisticated and comes from a wealthy background. Caroline is forced into waitressing and doing occasional odd jobs after her home and all her money is taken when the government finds out that her father, Martin Channing, is involved in a Ponzi Scheme and apparently stole everyone's money.

She becomes friends with Max and decides to create a cupcake business when she finds out that although Max can bake delicious cupcakes, she doesn't really see how much she could sell it for. Caroline comes up with the idea of starting a cupcake business with Max but they need $250,000 to begin it, which is the main objective of the two girls in the series.

Caroline is average height with long, straight light blonde hair, and blue eyes. She is also very slender and has small breasts which Max repeatedly points out with snide remarks. Due to her upbringing, she is very stylish and used to wear designer clothing. She has altered her diner uniform to make it fit better on her figure, and despite working at a restaurant, she still wears her favorite (or maybe the only one) pearl necklace and a metal belt around the apron. The current wardrobe collection that she has is whatever she grabbed from her townhouse before it was put on lock down, though she admitted that she grabbed 'all the wrong things'.

Caroline is notably bubbly, smart, cheerful and charismatic. Caroline wishes to be on everyone's good side and tries to be nice to most people but still has enemies, mainly because of her father's scandal. She gradually becomes a little tougher and street-smart after living with Max. She is mature enough that she can handle Max whenever she throws her childish tempers. She's also a very depressing stoner.

Caroline's father loves her very dearly (so far as to get her a horse for her first period) but since he was put in jail, she became frustrated by how much she misses him and how other people never consider his good side. Caroline's mother cheated on Martin when she was only five years old, so her grandmother got rid of her and all photos of her (in the "society" way), which led to Caroline being raised by two nannies in her earlier years.

Source: 2 Broke