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August 18th: Rock Your Body, the fanlisting for Everybody (Backstreet's Back) is now open.

August 6th: you can now join Sweet Tootsie Roll, the fanlisting for Tootsie.

August 1st: Bold, the fanlisting for Pembroke Welsh Corgi is now open.

July 26th: Lord Of The Ocean, the fanlisting for Orcas is now open for business!

July 20th: you can now join Big Fat Hairy Deal, the fanlisting for Garfield.

June 23th: application for the Everybody (Backstreet's Back) fanlisting sent.

June 19th: application for the Garfield fanlisting sent.

June 16th: application for the Pembroke Welsh Corgi fanlisting sent.

June 15th: application for the Orcas fanlisting sent.

June 12th: application for the Tootsie fanlisting sent.

May 15th: you can now join Across The Universe Of Time, the fanlisting for Outlander.

May 9th: What The Doctor Prescribed, the fanlisting for The Nanny, is now open.

April 7th: applications for The Nanny and Outlander sent.