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December 21st: application form for the E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial sent.

August 7th: Suck It, Bipeds!, the fanlisting for Hank from Finding Dory is open!

August 1st: you can now join She Just Kept Swimming, the fanlisting for Finding Dory.

July 29th: The "Me" Decade, the fanlisting for the 1970s, is now open.

July 9th: I've applied to build the fanlisting dedicated to Finding Dory and its character Hank and the fanlisting for The 1970s.

July 3rd: you can now join Warm And Stylish, the fanlisting for Scarves.

July 1st: This Isn't It, the fanlisting for Rick Grimes from the TV Show The Walking Dead is now open!

June 20th: you're now welcome to join Witch, Mortal, Teenager and Girl - All At The Same Time! the fanlisting devoted to Sabrina Spellman from the TV show Sabrina, The Teeange Witch.

May 20th: application for the Scarves fanlisting sent.

May 18th: application to build the Sabrina Spellman from Sabrina The Teenage Witch and Rick Grimes from The Walking Dead sent.

April 29th: So Hot Right Now!, the fanlisting for Hansel is now open!

April 28th: you can now join Born With A Perfect Bone Structure, the fanlisting for Derek Zoolander.

March 31st: application form to build the Derek Zoolander and Hansel fanlisting sent.

March 23th: you can now join Devilish, the fanlisting for Lucifer Morningstar.

February 16th: I've applied to build the fanlisting dedicated to Lucifer Morningstar from the TV show Lucifer.

January 24th: Change Your Heart, the fanlisting dedicated to Merida from Brave is now open.