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December 14th: you can now become a fan of Kiwi Pride, the fanlisting for Wellington, New Zealand.

December 12th: Brum, the fanlisting for Birmingham, is open.

December 4th: you're welcome to join Enchanting, the fanlisting for Mont Saint-Michel.

December 2nd: Brave, the fanlisting for Scotland, is open.

November 26th: Aotearoa, the fanlisting for New Zealand, is open.

November 24th: you can now join Motherland, the fanlisting for Russia.

November 16th: all the applications for countries/ cities/ sights have been approved. I better get back to work, and fast! :P

November 13th: I've applied to build the fanlistings dedicated to Birmingham and Wellington.

November 12th: application for the Mont Saint-Michel sent!

November 8th: I have applied to build the fanlistings for New Zealand, Russia and Scotland.

November 2nd: you can now join David, the fanlisting for male model David Gandy.

October 27th: Made In Brooklyn, the fanlisting for Clary Fray and Simon Lewis from the Mortal Instruments series is open!

October 19th: you can now join Taking Back The Night, the fanlisting for the Fever series by Karen Marie Moning.

October 14th: I Love, the fanlisting for Crossed by Ally Condie, is officially open.

October 12th: you're welcome to join Do Not Go Gentle, the fanlisting for Matched by Ally Condie.

October 9th: Ms. Rainbow, the fanlisting for MacKayla Lane from the Fever series is open or business. :)

October 7th: feel free to join Dark Mystery, the fanlisting for Jericho Barrons from the Fever series.

October 6th: I have been notified that I will have to wait until November to be able to apply for the Matched Trilogy, because the last book will be released then. Patience is a virtue, they say. :P

October 4th: more fanlisting coming soon: Matched and Crossed from the Matched Trilogy by Ally Condie, the series itself, and the Fever books written by Karen Marie Moning.

October 3rd: hi everyone! I'm very happy because my applications for the Jericho Barrons and MacKayla Lane from the Fever series have just been approved. :D

September 25th: in an applying frenzy! I have applied for the following fanlistings: Jericho Barrons and MacKayla Lane from the Fever series; the Fever series and the Clary Fray and Simon Lewis from The Mortal Instruments series.

September 24th: Girl in Green, the fanlisting for Cassia Reyes from the Matched series is open! I have also applied for the David Gandy fanlisting.

September 20thDreamweaver, the fanlisting for Richelle Mead, is open.

September 19th: the application for the Cassia Reyes from the Matched series has been approved.

September 8th: my application for the Richelle Mead fanlisting has been accepted, and I have applied to build the fanlistings for the Matched Trilogy by Ally Condie, and her books Matched and Crossed.

August 8th: you're all welcome to join Relight My Fire, the approved fanlisting for Take That.

August 2nd: back with good news - Laters, Baby, the fanlisting for the Fifty Shades Series is now open! :D

July 13th: you can now check Fifty, the fanlisting for Christian Grey from the Fifty Shades Series.

July 9thHoly Ear Damage, the fanlisting for Edguy is officialy open. :)

June 18th: application for the Take That fanlisting sent.

June 9th: the application for the Fifty Shades series: Grey, Christian has been approved.

June 5th: application for the Edguy fanlisting approved!

May 29th: Superhero, the fanlisting for Tobias Sammet is officially open!

May 4th: my application for the Tobias Sammet fanlisting has been approved.

May 2nd: I have applied for the Edguy and the Tobias Sammet fanlistings.

March 30th: Daylighter, the fanlisting for Simon Lewis (The Mortal Instruments) and Science of the Earth, the fanlisting for Geography, are open.

February 25th: my application for the Simon Lewis (The Mortal Instruments) fanlisting has been approved. I'm really excited about this one! :D

February 21st: Rock of Ages, the fanlisting for Def Leppard is officialy open!

January 25th: I have applied for the Geography and the Simon Lewis (The Mortal Instruments) fanlistings. Wish me luck!

January 17th: my application for the Def Leppard fanlisting has been approved.

January 15th: Ñ, the fanlisting for the Spanish Language is open!

January 8th: appilcation for the Def Leppard fanlisting sent.

January 6th: my application for the Spanish Language fanlisting has been aproved.