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August 9th: Discord and Rhyme, the fanlisting for Duran Duran: Hungry Like The Wolf and Undercover, the fanlisting for Duran Duran: Violence Of Summer (Love's Taking Over) are open!

May 5th: my applications for the Duran Duran: Hungry Like The Wolf and Duran Duran: Violence Of Summer (Love's Taking Over) have been approved.

April 29th: Leyenda, the fanlisting for Rata Blanca is open.

April 19th: Majestic, the fanlisting for Russia: Saint Petersburg is officially open.

April 7th: Fallen Angel, the fanlisting for The Hush, Hush Series: Patch Cipriano is officially open. :)

March 26th: my application for a Rata Blanca fanlisting has been approved!

March 21st: Into A Dream is up and fully operative now!

March 16th: my application for St. Petersburg, Russia has been accepted! Stay tuned for more details.

March 2nd: Fallen Angel, the fanlisting for Patch Cipriano from the Hush, Hush series is online and waiting for the finished form to be processed by TFL.org.